Hotel Arkadia
Town Utyos (aka Santa Barbara), Crimea

We are glad to offer cozy rooms, own beach, heated swimming pool, great sea view and very special atmosphere that will make your rest extra nice. Go to sleep and wake up with calming sounds of waves softly crashing against the shore...

Great recreation in Crimea

Hotel Arkadia is the ideal choice for holidaymakers searching for comfort, high level of service and accommodation, great location, tranquility and relaxing atmosphere. We have everything you need to make your stay special and carefree.
The staff of our hotel will help you plan excursions and leisure in Crimea so that you could explore numerous sights in the area.

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Amazing seascape and atmosphere of tranquility and bliss...

Seaside resort for you and your loved ones

Those people who have come to Crimea at least once know that such recreation brings unforgettable memories and a great deal of emotions. Here you can find everything anything: warm sea, great mountains, endless sights of Big Yalta and other areas of Crimea, lively towns with lots of street performers, busy markets and sidewalk artists and deserted quiet places where you can feel the union with nature. Crimea has it all...

The best hotel in Utyos, Crimea, Ukraine

Hotel Arkadia in Crimea offers luxurious rooms, great swimming pool, own beach, restaurant with delicious dishes, sauna, billiards and simply great atmosphere that will make your stay memorable. Easy reservation on hotel’s official web site.